About Us

Founding Principles: The core driving force behind the establishment of our company has always been a blend of experience, knowledge, continuous effort, and a forward-looking approach. From the very beginning, we understood that true joy lies in bringing happiness to people's hearts and putting smiles on their faces.

Establishment: Gioia Group was founded in 1989 and has since become a pioneer in the field of women’s lingerie. With a highly qualified team of over 600 professionals, Gioia is the leading company in Egypt and the Middle East in this sector.

Branches: Gioia operates through six specialized retail centers located in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt, as well as Milan, Italy. These centers serve as vital links between the company and its customers, focusing exclusively on selling Gioia products. They facilitate direct interaction between consumers and the company, allowing us to achieve common goals. Gioia oversees the setup and furnishing of these centers, ensuring they are equipped with the latest models, media materials, and promotional tools. We also provide specialized training for the staff to maintain high service standards.

Development: Gioia’s design department operates with a centralized approach, staffed by some of the world's most skilled fashion designers, who hold top qualifications from renowned European fashion institutes. The department is dedicated to studying and testing fabrics, designing models, selecting colors, conducting tests, creating samples, and monitoring production.

Efficiency: Precision, quality, swift execution, competitive pricing, and high taste are key attributes that only a major industrial group like Gioia can guarantee. Additionally, we are committed to customer care and swiftly resolving any issues that arise.

Achievements: Our flexible commercial policies and significant production capabilities have greatly enhanced our brand's reputation in Egypt and the Middle East. This has led to a continuous increase in product demand, prompting us to focus on expansion. Understanding that bringing joy to people's hearts is as important as other achievements, Gioia acquired the French textile company Olivia Lance, specializing in women's lingerie, and Chiaramed, a company specializing in various types of medical corsets. These acquisitions have allowed us to offer a vast range of models that fully satisfy the needs, requirements, and tastes of all customers. Our products are of the highest global standards, combining elegance and beauty to suit all markets, tastes, ages, and social classes. We promise you much more as we continuously strive to achieve our primary goal: customer satisfaction.